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Robonomics platform provides tools for working with the robot economy network. Robonomics allow designers of smart cities and industry 4.0 zones to build trust among the autonomous robots services, provide direct user access via dapp for ordering products from autonomous factories and services of urban sensor networks. This in turn will allow us to put in place a decentralized system that globally monitors the activities of cyber physical systems.

Find more in Robonomics whitepaper

The following chart describes what place Robonomics takes in the scenario.

Robonomics Chart

What the documentation contains

Get Weather on Fuji Mountain Demo

Easy way to try Robonomics yourself here!

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Take a look at the Robonomics Dapp. Get familiar with the statistic, average miner reward etc. Try out existing services

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There are Robonomics-js library and dapp template

The documentation is in Learn section

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Check out cases section and start developing by examples