Robonomics IO Launch

A simple way to turn on and off an IoT device or a robot. Basically sending "ON" will result in true state for a device, anything else will result in false.

For the examples the development network is used. Check this out to set it up for yourself


Create an Account

Here the development network is used, but the steps stay the same for the public network

Go to "Accounts":

Robonomics Dapp Accounts

Click "Add account", give a name, change "Mnemonic" to "Raw seed", put a password and click "Save".

Note! It's important to save "Raw seed" somewhere! It'll be used in robonomics io call

Robonomics Dapp Add Account

The last thing to do is to transfer some tokens to the newly created account:

Robonomics Dapp Transfer Funds


To see the result of transaction first of all run read part:

% ./robonomics io read launch

If you have a remote node, specify the address via --remote option.

Now let's turn a robot on:

% echo "ON" | ./robonomics io write launch -r 5CiPPseXPECbkjWCa6MnjNokrgYjMqmKndv2rSnekmSK2DjL -s 0xb046fc3c322e91e14a61ad4f08a3809ee0de7092e73aa9b3c2b642a0f476d4d6

Then you should see in the first terminal window:

% ./robonomics io read launch
5H3iRnX16DH2sb2RLxMM8UhDZTvJjP84EhhKXv3sCiEDq6bH >> 5CiPPseXPECbkjWCa6MnjNokrgYjMqmKndv2rSnekmSK2DjL : true

Let's describe all the accounts and options above.

  • -r 5CiPPseXPECbkjWCa6MnjNokrgYjMqmKndv2rSnekmSK2DjL means robot's address
  • -s 0xb046fc3c322e91e14a61ad4f08a3809ee0de7092e73aa9b3c2b642a0f476d4d6 private key of the account to launch from (must have tokens for a transaction)
  • 5H3iRnX16DH2sb2RLxMM8UhDZTvJjP84EhhKXv3sCiEDq6bH address that launches a robot
  • 5CiPPseXPECbkjWCa6MnjNokrgYjMqmKndv2rSnekmSK2DjL robot's address
  • true turn it on

If we pass anything else but "ON" the state becomes false