Robonomics IO Datalog

Datalog module allows you to store any string on blockchain


You can find instructions on how to create an account here


Assuming local node is running:

% echo "Hello Robonomics" | ./robonomics io write datalog -s 0xb046fc3c322e91e14a61ad4f08a3809ee0de7092e73aa9b3c2b642a0f476d4d6

where 0xb046fc3c322e91e14a61ad4f08a3809ee0de7092e73aa9b3c2b642a0f476d4d6 is a private key for the account with tokens. In this example the public key is 5H3iRnX16DH2sb2RLxMM8UhDZTvJjP84EhhKXv3sCiEDq6bH. Let's go to the Dapp and see what happened.

In the Dapp go to Developer -> Chain state. In the "selected state query" list choose datalog and below choose your account. Click plus button on the right and you should see the following:

Robonomics Chain State Datalog