How to participate in the Wiki translation

Everyone can contribute to Robonomics. If you want to contribute to the translation of the documentation, you are on the right track: this article will tell you how to do it.

Editing an article

If support for your language has already been added to the site, follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Edit this page" button on the article you would like to translate. Each article is duplicated in a supported language, even if it has not yet been translated from English.
  2. Edit by sticking to the existing markup. You can read the article How to edit WIKI
  3. Submit PR with the changes you have made.

Adding a new language

If the language you would like to translate the article into has not yet been added, request it from the Robonomics root team by, creating Issue on GitHub.

When we add support for the requested language to the site, we will close the Issue, commenting on it if necessary. You will be notified accordingly. This means you can translate pages (they will already be duplicated in English in a folder like /docs/locale)


  • If you see a way to improve an existing translation of an article, you can also use the PR or Issue on GitHub to request changes
  • If you make a significant contribution to the translation, you can participate in the rewards program
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