How the technical committee is fast-tracking the democracy proposals

Note: The screenshots contained in this article were taken using v1.9.0 of Robonomics node implementation, launched in dev mode.

The Robonomics Technical Committee can use the fast-track function to speed up the proposals enacting in the Democracy module.

If you want to learn more about how Polkadot ecosystem Governance works, then we strongly recommend reading this article on the Polkadot blog.

There are six members who make up the Technical Committee for the Robonomics parachain. For our example, let's create the same setup in our dev mode environment: Techcomm membership

Briefly, the process of fast-tracking a proposal involves a few steps: 1. Creating the proposal preimage 2. Creating the proposal using the created preimage hash 3. Technical committee votes on the created proposal 4. Initiating proposal fast-tracking 5. Technical committee votes regarding fast-tracking the proposal 6. Voting on enacted proposal in the Democracy pallet

For example, let's set the free balance for the account 4EnEc9ZD1jpA1H3HpVzr1v6SGGYGrue2k9Ny5KzFHhti5xQv to 10 XRT

1. Creating the proposal preimage

Open the Governance -> Democracy page and click the Submit preimage button, and then input the required parameters: Creating preimage

After all fields are filled, then we need to save generated preimage hash (0x691405ef2f4ee0aee5bfb9d1ac3d98413e528eb211d2b914aed980370b57822b in this example). As we will need it in the next step.

After saving the preimage hash we can click the Submit preimage button in this window and sign the transaction: Sign submitting preimage

2. Creating proposal using created preimage hash

Open the Governance -> Tech. comm. page and go to the Proposals tab: Techcomm proposals interface

Then click "Submit proposal" button and create democracy.externalProposeMajority(0x691405ef2f4ee0aee5bfb9d1ac3d98413e528eb211d2b914aed980370b57822b) using your technical committee account and the preimage hash from earlier: Create techcomm proposal 1

After signing transaction, the proposal will appear on this page: Created techcomm proposal 1

3. Technical committee voting for created proposal

On this step the majority of the technical committee members need to vote Aye in this poll. For example: First vote result

Then we can decide to close this vote/poll using the Close button. After this action the proposal will appear on the Democracy page on the external table. You may wonder how can you see the Fast track button. This button appears and is active ONLY if we used the democracy.externalProposeMajority function: Created democracy proposal

4. Initiating proposal fast-tracking

Go to the Governance -> Democracy page and click on the Fast track button. In this newly opened window set the required parameters and click Fast track. Fast track interface

After this, the fast-track proposal should now appear on the Technical Committee proposals page: Techcomm fast-track proposal

5. Technical committee voting for fast-track the proposal

Now the technical committee need to vote unanimously for fast-tracking the earlier created proposal. It means that all six members need to vote Aye: Fast-track vote result

After this anyone can Close this voting, and the proposal will be enacted and moved from external table to active referenda: Democracy enacted proposal

6. Voting on enacted proposal in Democracy

Now at least one account needs to vote Aye on the referenda: Voting for enacted proposal

As a result we'll get the active referenda with one positive vote on it: Positive voted referenda

After the voting period ends, this democracy proposal will be executed. In current example this will be happen in block #3351. Let's wait for this block and check it: Result

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