How to Send Launch with Subscription

If your address has an active subscription, then any devices set up with that account's secret can send extrinsics with no fee. Let's try to send the launch command.

Go to the Developer/Extrinsics page, then choose your account (our acount is named MAIN in the picture) and select rws -> call(subscriptionId, call). Then in subscriptionId field write the subscription's owner address (this account is named SUBSCRIPTION OWNER in the picture) and in the next field choose launch -> launch(robot, param). In the robot field write the address you want to send launch transaction to (this account is namedLIGHTBULB (EXTENTION) in the picture) and choose the parameter Yes or No. Then submit transaction:


Now go to the Network/Explorer page, and in the Recent Events area you will see two events that you created; rws.NewCall and launch.NewLaunch:


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