Lesson 1. Emergency stop, initialization, body position control

Welcome to the first lesson!

During this lesson you will learn how to authorize yourself as a user, get motor power control and send basic commands to Spot.

Watch our introductory video if you haven't seen it already:

The challenge

Create a Python script controls robot body position. Run your script on Spot to let it execute a sequence of motions:

  1. Stand-up,
  2. Trace your initials with it's face (one letter, at least 3 points),
  3. Sit-down.


Read Understanding Spot Programming page in Spot SDK documentation. You need to understand what is E-Stop and how make initialization in your Python script in order to to let the robot execute commands.

You can find more detailed information for this lesson in Base Services, Geometry and Frames, Robot Services and E-Stop sections of the Spot SDK documentation.


Ensure you have Yggdrasil Network software running and configured as described in the Lesson 0. Otherwise you will not have connection to the robot. On macOS you may need to launch Yggdrasil Network in the terminal:

sudo yggdrasil -useconffile /etc/yggdrasil.conf
  1. Connect to SpotCORE by SSH from the terminal,
ssh student@strelka.ygg.merklebot.com
  1. Create a script can authenticate in Spot, acquire control (lease) and power on the robot.

We create E-Stop endpoint for you, so you should not create it. For Spot authentication use username and password from /home/student/credentials file. Spot address is

In Taking ownership of Spot (Leases) section use lease = lease_client.acquire() before lease_keep_alive = bosdyn.client.lease.LeaseKeepAlive(lease_client)

  1. Try your script with stand-up and sit-down commands. Ensure robot moves as expected,

Make sure you run your script by Python 3 with python3 command. Command python refers to an obsolete Python 2 interpreter.

  1. Add body position control to your script. Experiment with bosdyn.geometry.EulerZXY robot command argument builder in order to identify what yaw, roll and pitch parameters you need to set to solve the challenge. The range of Pitch, Yaw and Roll is from -0.5 to 0.5.
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