Setup SLS Gateway

After installing MQTT broker to the Raspberry Pi, you can now set up the Robonomics SLS Gateway. All the next steps are to be performed on PC.


First you need to flash the gateway. For this:

  1. Set to ON switches 1 and 3 at the bottom part of SLS Gateway, others must be OFF.
  2. Connect gateway to your computer via USB type-C port on the gateway.

Then clone the repository with firmware:

git clone

And go to robonomics-hass-utils/esp_firmware. There you should navigate to a folder, which name depends on your OS: windows, linux or Mac. To flash the SLS gateway you need to run Clear and Flash_16mb scripts.

The following example is for Linux. First, add permissions:

cd linux
sudo chmod +x
sudo chmod +x


  1. Set the switches on the back of the gateway are properly positioned. Switches 5 (RX Zigbee to ESP) and 6 (TX Zigbee to ESP) must be in the ON position, the others must be OFF.

  2. Connect the type C power cable. The indicator light in the center should turn green.

  3. On the first startup, the gateway will start sharing Wi-Fi with the SSID zgw****. Connect to this network. Keep in mind that the signal may be quite weak, so it is better to keep the SLS Gateway closer to your computer.

  4. If the connection is successful, the web interface will open (or you can find it on

  5. Go to WI-FI page and insert your Wi-Fi credentials by entering the user / pass and press Save button. After that press Reboot button. The gateway will restart and connect to your WI-Fi network.

  1. Find the local IP of the SLS gateway to access the web interface. For that you can use Fing app. Also, you can use arp -a in your terminal or:
nmap -sn

where ххх is your IP address in the local network. The resulting link should look like this:

  1. Go to Setting -> Hardware and make sure that the settings look like this. Correct the settings if necessary and click Save button:

Here is the table with required values:

Zigbee moduleTI
Zigbee UART RX22
Zigbee UART TX23
Button Mode33 (pullUP - true)
Number addressable leds0
Led Red (or addr)21
Led Green5
Led Blue27
I2C SDA255
I2C SCL255
  1. Then reboot the gateway. Choose Actions -> Reboot system at the right top corner.

  2. Configure automatically adding devices to Home Assistant. Go to Zigbee -> Config then tick Home Assistant MQTT Discovery and Clear States. Then Save button and again reboot SLS gateway:

  1. Connect your devices by going to Zigbee -> Join. Press the Enable Join button to start searching Zigbee devices. Put your sensors in pairing mode. You will see active sensors.

After connecting all sensors to the SLS Gateway, it's time to connect SLS Gateway to Home assistant with the following guide.

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