Connect SLS Gateway to Home Assistant

After setting up the SLS Gateway, now it's time to connect it to Home Assistant.

MQTT on SLS Gateway

First, You need to configure MQTT on SLS Gateway. Come back to your SLS Gateway web interface and go to Settings/Link -> MQTT Setup:

And add your broker address (address of the Raspberry Pi with Home Assistant in local network, you can find it in Fing app or with ip a command on your RPi), port (default is 1883) and your broker username and password (which you have created earlier). Also write the topic name (you can choose any).

Don't forget to click `Enable` and `Retain states`.

Save changes. Now devices will be automatically shown in Home Assistant.

That's all. Go to the next article "IOT subscription setup" to create Robonomics Parachain accounts and activate subscription.

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