How to Run Robonomics Dev Node

For testing your applications on Robonomics you may want to need to run it in the dev mode.


  1. First, you need a binary file, download the archive with it from the latest release.

  2. Unpack it and change permissions:

tar xf robonomics-1.7.0-x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu.tar.gz
chmod +x robonomics
  1. And run in the dev mode:
./robonomics --dev

You will see the following output:


Get tokens

Now you can connect to your local node through the Polkadot Portal.

Change the network to Local Node in the upper left corner and press Switch.


Then go to Accounts:


You can create a new account with the button Add Account.


Don't forget to save your seed phrase somewhere.

And use one of existing accounts to send tokens to your new one. Choose for example Alice and press Send. Then choose your new account and write the amount of units you want to send and press Make Transfer:


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