RoSeMAN Setup

RoSeMAN is Robonomics Sensors Measure Analytics and Archive Node. It is needed for accumulating sensors data to show measurement history.


First, RoSeMAN requires MongodbDatabase server. In this article the installation process isn't discussed, it is assumed that you already have it.

Also, you have to turn on "Datalog" option for Sensors Connectivity module, as shown in "Scenario #3" in "Configuration Options Description" article. You should have XRT on your robonomics account, which connected to Sensors Connectivity Datalog.


First, download repository:

git clone
cd RoSeMAN

Then create configuration files:

cp config.template.json config.json
cp agents.template.json agents.json

Open config.json file and edit database path:

  "DB": {
    "path": "mongodb://localhost:27017/rosemandb"

Then add public address of your account to agents.json file. You can add several addresses to file, if you want to collect data from different Sensors Connectivity modules. Example of file:


Next, install dependencies and build server:

yarn install
yarn build

Finally, start RoSeMAN server:

yarn start

Web server launched at


After deployment of the RoSeMAN service to a server you have to get public IP address or URL to server. Alternatively, if you run RoSeMAN service and Sensors Map on the same server, you can use local IP address.

Next, you have to open Sensors Map configuration file(check previous article) and insert URL in config.js file into REMOTE_PROVIDER field:

  MAP: {

Then rebuild map with yarn build and start it again. Now you will be able to see measurement history.

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