Robonomics DApp Overview

You can operate with Robonomics Network using the interface of Robonomics Network Dapp (decentralized application). It is available in browsers with Metamask extension. On the first page you will see the statistics of the network:

Robonomics DApp's first page

Let's have a look at the bottom table "Robonomics Telemetry".

Every time an instance of AIRA is launched it broadcasts a piece of information about itself. Usually it takes some time for the Dapp to receive data from an instance of AIRA.

Have a brief look at the page "AIRA installation" to understand where IPNS and Address Eth came from.


You can treat it as a unique identifier of your instance in IPFS network. Under that name AIRA publishes metadata about itself.

Address Eth

By default AIRA generates new Ethereum address for you (it's possible to generate new one).

It's mainly used to sign all the outcoming messages.


In Robonomics Network an agent must choose a lighthouse to work on. By default it's airalab.lighthouse.5.robonomics.eth.

You can choose existing one or create your own on Lighthouses page.


The amount of IPFS pubsub peers.


The date and time of last update


Robonomics Network officially works in Ethereum Mainnet. There is also Sidechain which is mostly for testing purpose.

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