IOT subscription setup

After setting up Zigbee2MQTT stick, It is time to create Robonomics Parachain accounts and buy subscription.

To control Home Assistant with Robonomics, You will need 2 accounts in Robonomics parachain. To the one of accounts you will buy the Robonomics subscription. Let's call it SUB_OWNER. Second account will manage all Home Assistant processes such as telemetry and give access to other users. Let's call it SUB_ADMIN. This accounts will provide security of your Home Assistant.

Other important thing is that both accounts must be created with ed25519 encryption. How to create accounts and buy robonomics subscription see below.

Create Owner and Controller accounts

First, let's create A Robonomics account.

Go to Robonomics Parachain app on Polkadot / Substrate Portal. Check the top left corner to ensure that you are connected to Robonomics Parachain.

Go to Accounts -> Accounts and press Add account button.

You should see the following popup menu with account seed.

It has two forms: Mnemonic (human-readable) and Raw (a sequence of digits and letters). Save the mnemonic seed phrase securely and press Next.

Then open `Advanced creation options` and change the crypto type of creating account to `Edwards - ed25519`.

In the next menu, you need to set the account name and password, similar to the extension instructions described above. give it a name - sub_owner.

Clicking on the Next button will take you to the last window. Click Save to finish account creation. It will also generate a backup JSON-files that you should safely store. You can later use this file to recover your account if you remember the password.

The same way create account with name `sub_admin`

Add accounts to extension

You need to add created account to Polkadot.js extension (for ed25519 account you can do that only with backup JSON file). For that you need to create backup file of the account(or use a file saved when created the account). Press on three dots on your account and choose Create a backup file for this account and type in your password.

Backup file

Then open an extension and press + button on the top right, then choose Restore account from backup JSON file.

Restore backup in extension

In an opened window upload the JSON file, enter the password and press Restore.

Restore backup in extension 2

Buy Robonomics subscription

Now it's time to buy a subscription.

To buy subscription you should have XRT on `SUB_OWNER` account.

Go to our DaPP to subscription page and press add account at right sidebar.

In the following popup menu connect Polkadot{.js} extension. Now you will see your account address with balance:

Let's buy a subscription!

First, check which address connected to dapp.

For this press the address profile icon:

there should be the SUB_owner account under the Check owner account field.

Press submit button and enter password for your account. After that wait until activation process is completed. You will see state of your subscription:

Add accounts to subscription

Add SUB_ADMIN account to access list. For this open extension and click on icon near account name. It will copy account address.

and parse this address to Robonomics parachain address in Manage access part:

Give it a name and press "+" button. Enter your SUB_OWNER password in popup window and wait activation process is completed.

Do the same thing for `SUB_OWNER` account.

That's all. Now got to the next article "Robonomics integration setup"

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