How to build collator node from source

Ensure you have Rust and the support software installed. The Rust installer will ask you about current installation options, you should choose the 1) Proceed with installation (default) option.

  curl -sSf | sh
  # on Windows download and run rustup-init.exe
  # from instead
  source $HOME/.cargo/env

Install Rust

Install the required nightly toolchain and wasm target. Next commands actual for Robonomics v1.4.0:

  rustup install nightly-2021-11-02

Install nightly

  rustup default nightly-2021-11-02
  rustup target add wasm32-unknown-unknown --toolchain nightly-2021-11-02

You will also need to install the following packages:

  1. Linux:

      sudo apt install cmake git clang libclang-dev
  2. Mac:

      brew install cmake pkg-config git llvm
  3. Windows (PowerShell):

      # Install git
      # Install LLVM
      # Download and install the Pre Build Windows binaries
      # of LLVM  from

    Now you can install the robonomics node from git source.

  cargo install --force --git --tag v1.4.0 robonomics-node

Start build RobonomicsEnd build Robonomics

After this command the compiled robonomics binary will be in ~/.cargo/bin directory.

The next step is how to launch the collator node. You can read about it in the "How to launch the Robonomics collator" article.

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