Robonomics Smart Home

The modern market provides the average user with a large selection of smart home solutions, but they are all tied to cloud providers. Brands such as Xiaomi and Aqara work through a proprietary gateway. As a result, you as a user are always dependent on the hardware and infrastructure vendor to run the entire system.

We see two main problems with this approach:

  1. Having a single point of failure in the form of vendor clouds
  2. You have no control over what data you share

To solve the first problem, you can install and configure a local server running software such as Home Assistant or openHAB.

And to ensure the safe management of your smart home from anywhere in the world, the technologies of the Robonomics platform come to the rescue.

In this section, step by step, you will be able to set up your smart home to work through Robonomics.


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