DEMO "Get Weather on Fuji Mountain"

Let's start from a quick example of what Robonomics is able to do within 5 minutes. Requirements: Metamask extension

To get the weather from sensor on Fuji Mountain, please, open the page of Fuji Weather sensor in Robonomics dApp and follow instructions below.

Here's a walkthrough video:

1. Open the Dapp

In case you don't have MetaMask extension you'll see the picture below. Go to the link provided above and install one.

"Robonomics dApp if no MetaMask installed"

2. Allow connection to the extension

"Connection to Robonomics dApp via Metamask"

3. Press "Request current values"

"Request sensor's data in Robonomics network via dApp"

4. Sign a message. No token or ether are needed

"Sign a message in Robonomics network via dApp"

5. Wait until the agent collects the data and sends it back

"Wait for response of the agent in Robonomics network via dApp"

6. Wait until the Dapp downloads the result file from IPFS

"Wait for IPFS file with results in Robonomics network via dApp"

7. Look at the weather data on Fuji Mountain

"The results of sensor network in Robonomics via dApp"

Just now you have broadcasted a demand message and got a result from an autonomous agent! The result file is stored in IPFS, the result message is signed with the agent's private key.

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