How to edit WIKI

Robonomics WIKI is open source. Any corrections are welcome: fixing errors, typos, some unclear or outdated information, translation into any language. You'll need a GitHub account.

Edit existing doc

  1. Choose page
  2. Click button "Edit page" marked with the Github logo on the page you want to edit
  3. Clicking on the button will take you to the .md file.
  4. Please, follow common rules for editing Markdown files, bearing in mind a few features of the WIKI stack:


Docs in Robonomics WIKI contain frontmatter block. It must be at the top of the Markdown file, and must take the form of valid YAML set between triple-dashed lines. Between the triple-dashed lines, you can set or edit folowing options:

title: How to contribute # Title for the page, you do not need to duplicate it in text
contributors: [positivecrash] # Main contributors (who actively curates this page). GitHub nickname required, without any additional symbols
translated: true # "true" if it has been translated in current language (see locale folder name of doc)
  - rust 1.62.0
  - Robonomics 1.4.0
  - baxter
    # Tools that were used for technology testing

How to upload images

Upload image in folder /docs/images/url-of-your-doc

  • If image needs to be localized, insert all of them in one folder
  • Use locale appendix in name of images if it's localized, e.g. image_en.jpg
  • Make sure your image is web optimized and at the same time it looks good

How to insert images

There are two ways for inserting pictures in your documents:

It is recommended to insert pictures with built-in tag <robo-wiki-picture>, however you may also use standard way for Markdown files.

with caption

<robo-wiki-picture link="/docs/community" src="example_image.jpg" caption="EXPLORE ROBONOMICS WIKI" />

or without caption

<robo-wiki-picture link="/docs/community" src="example_image.jpg" />

or simple image

<robo-wiki-picture src="example_image.jpg" />

or simple image with caption

<robo-wiki-picture src="example_image.jpg" caption="EXPLORE ROBONOMICS WIKI" />

image with alt

<robo-wiki-picture src="example_image.jpg" caption="EXPLORE ROBONOMICS WIKI" alt="this is alternative text for image" />

Props for robo-wiki-picture

src (required) - path to the image:

  • if you uploaded your image directly to the /docs/images/ use: url-of-your-doc

  • if you uploaded image in one of the folders than use: folder-name/url-of-your-doc

link - link to the needed page

caption - caption for the image

YouTube videos

You can embed any YouTube video in doc by inserting share link as separate paragraph without any additional quotes or tags, e.g.:


Robonomics WIKI has support for Asciinema. To insert Asciinema, please, follow these instructions:

  • Import component after frontmatter block import Asciinema from '~/components/Asciinema.vue'
  • Insert as separate paragraph <Asciinema vid="WCFcx8C6M8e52UKDNei1xZloU"/>, where is vid is ID of specific asciicast

You can get the widget script for a specific asciicast by clicking on β€œEmbed” link on asciicast page. It looks like this: <script src="" id="asciicast-14" async></script>Asciinema docs

In the example above vid is 14.

Notes & warnings

You can add notes and give them specific types:

  • warning (orange color)
  • okay (green color)
  • note (grey color)

note with title

<robo-wiki-note type="okay" title="Some information about robots" />

note with content

<robo-wiki-note type="okay">Fascinating information about robonomics here only</robo-wiki-note>

note with title and content

<robo-wiki-note type="okay" title="Robonomics for you">
  Fascinating information about robonomics here only
Join Discord

Join Robonomics Developers Discord to connect with community and get technical support.

Join Discord

Join Robonomics Developers Discord to connect with community and get technical support.

Join Discord

Join Robonomics Developers Discord to connect with community and get technical support.

Custom title with anchors

You can create custom titles with anchors and give them certain value

title with anchor

<robo-wiki-title :type="2" anchor="Some information about robots"> 
  Learn Robonomics with AIRA :)


title without anchor

<robo-wiki-title :type="5"> 
  Learn Robonomics with AIRA :)

Props for robo-wiki-title

type (required, must be a number (2 - 6)) - choose heading level

anchor - value for the anchor

I'm custom title with anchor :)

I'm custom title :)

Feedback Form

You can add feedback form to the doc. Use component like that:

<robo-wiki-feedback /> 

And it will look like that:


You can add tabs to the doc:

  • Use tabs wrapper component:
  • And then use as many tab items components as you like inside wrapper:
    <robo-wiki-tab title="Linux">
      <pre>ip a</pre>
    <robo-wiki-tab title="OSX">

horizontal tabs

    <robo-wiki-tab title="Linux">
      <pre>ip a</pre>
    <robo-wiki-tab title="OSX">

vertical tabs

  <robo-wiki-tabs mode="vertical">
    <robo-wiki-tab title="Linux">
      <pre>ip a</pre>
    <robo-wiki-tab title="OSX">

tab item with border

    <robo-wiki-tab title="Linux">
      <pre>ip a</pre>
    <robo-wiki-tab title="OSX" border>

Props for robo-wiki-tabs (wrapper)

mode (must be string) - you can choose tabs mode:

  • horizontal (default)

  • vertical

Props for robo-wiki-tab (item)

title (required, must be a string ) - title for the tab

border (must be a boolean, default - false) - add border to the content wrapper

    ip a
      ip a

      Add new doc

      If you need to add new page in docs of Robonomics WIKI, please, follow these steps:

      1. Find the folder with the locale that matches the language of the article you are adding, e.g. /docs/en/
      2. Create .md file, using in name latin characters and follow common rules for url structure
      3. Edit file as described above
      4. Duplicate file to other locale folders, even if you do not plan to translate them. Do not forget mark in frontmatter not translated pages as translated: false
      5. Add doc in menu:
      • Open file /data/sidebar_docs.yaml
      • Decide where to place your doc
      • If you want to create new section, provide title with locale appendix, using only locales your section is translated
      • Add doc with link. The link must be only one, and must not contain locale characters. Correct is /docs/url-of-your-doc, not correct is /docs/en/url-of-your-doc
      • Use valid YAML for /data/sidebar_docs.yaml and rely on the existing file structure

      Submit Pull Request

      Make pull request for any content you changed including typos, translations, outdated information or broken links.

      Decisions about individual PRs made by Robonomics core team. Special grants in XRT are also possible for extended contribution πŸ€–πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’ŽπŸ­πŸŽ‰πŸ”Œ

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