Digital Twins


Digital Twins Schema

Digital twins have the following structure:

DT idTopic NameSource


  • DT id - is unsigned integer unique number.
  • Topic name - is 0x prefixed H256 hex or ascii data with 32 bytes length. For example: 0x1234....FF and
  • Source - is Account address.

Create Digital Twin

Go to Developer -> Extrinsics and choose digitalTwin.create() extrinsic. digital Twin create

Submit transaction and go to Network -> Explorer and in the recent events you will see information about digital twin. digital Twin create info

Add DT Topic

You can create multiple topics for one digital twin. for creating topic you need go to Developer -> Extrinsics and choose digitalTwin.setSource(id,topic,source) extrinsic. Fill in the fields and submit transaction. DT topic fields

Again go to Network -> Explorer* and in the recent events you will see information about created topic. info about topic

You can create several topics for one twin. topics

Chain State

You can find all information about existing digital twins inDeveloper -> Chain state such as:

  • Total number of Digital twins - total()
  • Information about owner of digital twin - owner(u32)
  • Information about topics in digital twin - digitalTwin(u32) chain info
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