Create digital identity run by Ethereum

One of the Robonomics services is Digital Passport Registration for arbitrary data. The service allows you to create a digital identity saving the hashes of the data to the public blockchain and assigning a unique address.

You may find "Digital passport registration" service in Robonomics DApp in the "Services" section or just follow this direct link.

Video walkthrough

The following video shows a progress of Robonomics Whitepaper registration:

Step-by-step in pictures

1. Open the service

Digital passport registration applying form

2. Add necessary information and files

Please note, it is possible to add multiple images.

Filled Form

3. Sign the demand

Sign the demand for digital passport creation

4. Approve tokens

The service charges a small fee. But first you must approve the required amount of tokens to be spent from your account.

Approve Tokens

5. Accept the offer and sign the message again

Send Order

6. Have a look at the created passport

The Digital Identity

The process of registration takes some time. In the end you will see a link to the created identity.

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