Create an Account on Robonomics Portal

In order to be able to complete all the playground tutorials below, one should have several accounts on Robonomics portal. These accounts do not contain any personal data, neither they are anyhow valuable (if you play on a local dev network or on a self-owned test one). But still their keys, both public and private, are necessary for launching any demo.

1. Choose your network and navigate to Robonomics portal

Globally, there are 3 different ways to work with Robonomics:

  • Launch your own local network with robonomics binary by ./robonomics --dev. This method is used in all playground tutorials. (tip: to avoid failures on next launches clean chain data by rm -rf /home/$USER/.local/share/robonomics/chains/dev/db after each session)
  • Launch your own test network following this manual
  • Connect to an existing network on a portal (more information on this below)

Regardless of method chosen, go to and draw your attention to the top-left corner:

Portal top-left

Press on the current network icon and choose you network:

  • Development -> Local Node if you have launched local network
  • Custom Endpoint -> insert endpoint if you have created a test network on a remote server
  • Live Networks or Test Networks if you are operating in a public one Don't forget to press Switch button to confirm network choice. In all the playgrounds we will use local networks.

Choosing local network

2. Create accounts

Now that you have chosen your network, go to Accounts -> Accounts and press Add account button

Accounts page

You should see the following panel:

Add account panel

  • Name is just you account's name in this exact browser. It makes no sense but convenience.
  • Seed. Each transaction must be signed by account's unique seed. It has two forms: Mnemonic (human-readable) and Raw (a sequence of digits and letters). Change Mnemonic to Raw and copy the seed. It's very important to store it somewhere securely since secret seeds are used for transactions in Robonomics IO module. If you have created an account before, you can insert its secret seed here to restore its balance and history.
  • Password is used to sign transactions on a portal (in GUI). Create one and remember it.

Click Save, Create and backup account. A downloaded JSON-file is another way to restore account's data on the portal.

3. Manage your accounts

Now you can fully operate with your fresh-created account. Send and receive tokens, messages, write datalog and more. You can forget this account for this exact browser by clicking three dots in opposite of your account's name and choosing Forget this account. Feel free to explore all the features of portal. To copy your account's address simply click on its icon, address will be copied to clipboard.

4. Some notes before proceeding to playground

Most of the playground demos require "Control" account and one or several "Worker" accounts. Transfer units to both before starting, since "Control" needs to send "ON"/"OFF" transactions and "Worker" publishes datalog. Also, each "ON"/"OFF" transaction requires target address, so don't forget to copy it from the portal.

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