Substrate Cumulus Parachain Testsuite for cross-chain messaging

Sensors-Connectivity Terminal Readme


To connect to the server:

ssh <user>@<address>

Where user and address are replaced with user, which connectivity service runs under, and address of the VM respectively.


Installation guide can be found on this page.

Status checking

Assuming you launch the code as a systemd service. Therefore, to check service status:

systemctl status connectivity.service

There you will find all necessary information about the service, including path to the log files.


General path for log files is: ~/.ros/log/latest/connectivity-worker-1.log where connectivity-worker-1.log is the last recordered file.

For watching logs in real time:

tail -f  <path>

Where path should be replced with the log path. To look through the whole file simply open the log file in your favourite editor.

It can be useful to copy log files to your local machine:

scp -rv <user>@<address>: <path-to-log-files> <path-in-your-local-machine>