AIRA Overview


AIRA stands for "Autonomous Intelligent Robot Agent". It implements the standard of economic interaction between human-robot and robot-robot. AIRA makes it possible to connect a variety of different robots under decentralized computer's control (currently supported Ethereum and Polkadot/Substrate).

Basically it is the client for Robonomics Network developed by Airalab.

AIRA is NixOS based operating system and officially supports the following architectures: x86, Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and Raspberry Pi 4.

The most simple way to get familiar with AIRA is to try installing AIRA as a virtual machine.

AIRA comes with a few preinstalled and configured services to help you focus on agent development.

Meanwhile it's highly customizable, but it's recommended to understand NixOS and Nix language.

What's included?

The following services are included in the default distribution:

Besides at the first launch AIRA generates for you new Ethereum address and IPNS identifier.

It's possible to use AIRA as a virtual machine or install as a main operating system. Also you can install only the services you need.

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