AIRA Installation on VirtualBox

AIRA stands for "Autonomous Intelligent Robot Agent". It is the client for Robonomics Network developed by Airalab. It is an operating system based on NixOS. With AIRA you can turn any cyber-physical system in an economic agent, where robots operate as a services for the reasonable payments. More theory about AIRA here.

It's possible to install AIRA on a x86_64 PC. Also there are images for Raspberry Pi 3 and 4 supported by the team.

The best way to try AIRA is to start from installing it as a virtual machine on VirtualBox.


Obtain the image

AIRA has stable and unstable channels.

To get stable image download the file with .ova extension. The link for stable image is here

Don't forget to compare checksum of the downloaded image with the last column SHA-256 hash on the download page. It must be equal to the output of the following command (it is an example, please check the name of downloaded by you .ova file first):

sha256sum nixos-20.03pre-git-x86_64-linux.ova

You may wish to check out the walkthrough video:


If you have fresh installed VirtualBox, you need to install the extension pack or disable USB 2.0 controller.

Also VirtualBox may show a warning about Display settings. Consider switching Graphics Controller in settings of the VM to VMSVGA.

Import to VirtualBox

Open VirtualBox and press Ctrl+I or go to File > Import Applicance...

AIRA import VB image

At this moment the next step is not necessary but it will help you to connect to the VM via SSH easily.

First add Host-Only adapter in VirtualBox menu File > Host Network Manager... or by pressing Ctrl+H

Host Only

Then go to the image's settings, Network and add the second network adapter

Second adapter

For more details look at the standalone lesson.

Optionally you can increase the amount of video memory and switch Graphics Controller to VMSVGA.

Launch the machine

Finally press Start and you'll see AIRA welcoming you with generated Ethereum address and IPFS identifier

AIRA image ready, Welcome screen

At the very first initialization AIRA generates new Ethereum address and IPNS identifier for you.

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