Frequently Asked Questions about AIRA

How to see logs from main services?

IPFS in real time:

journalctl -u ipfs -f

and Liability::

journalctl -u liability -f

How to check the quantity of IPFS peers?

ipfs pubsub peers 

IPFS can't connect to the daemon, what should I do?

Try to specify --api option

ipfs swarm peers --api=/ip4/

How to change ethereum address of AIRA?

Delete keyfile and keyfile-psk in /var/lib/liability and restart the service

systemctl restart liability

IPFS daemon doesn't start

The error mostly occurs on single-board computers like Raspberry Pi or LattePanda after unexpected electricity lost.

Usually the file /var/lib/ipfs/api is corrupted and one may see error:

Error: Failed to parse '/var/lib/ipfs/api' file.
  error: failed to parse multiaddr "": empty multiaddr
If you're sure go-ipfs isn't running, you can just delete it.
Otherwise check:
  ps aux | grep ipfs

You can delete /var/lib/ipfs/api file and restart the service

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