Connecting AIRA via SSH

It is more convenient to work with virtual machine via ssh connection. In this section we will configure VM.

It's required to have your ssh public key on Github. In case you don't have one, please follow the link

Below is the walkthrough video:

Add Host Adapter

Go to File -> Host Network Manager... or press Ctrl+H

VirtualBox Network Manager

Click Create button.

Add the Second Adapter to the VM

Select imported VM and click Settings. Go to Network tab and enable the second adapter

Add Second Adapter

Populate Authorized Keys

Launch the VM and run the following command replacing <username> with your Github user name:

mkdir .ssh
chmod 700 .ssh
curl -sSL<username>.keys >> .ssh/authorized_keys

Find out the VM's IP address by running:

ip a

You should look for an address which starts with 192.168.xx.xx

Log in via SSH

Now open your terminal and log in via SSH as usual using the address from the previous step:

ssh root@192.168.xx.xx
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