Add Device to Robonomics

For each device you need separate Robonomics accounts. After you've added your devices, you need to add them in a config.config file with their seeds. Firstly in Configuration/Entities tab in your Home Assistant find entity ids of your devices:


Open the configuration file:

nano /srv/homeassistant/python_scripts/config.config

And add there information of your devices in the following format:

IDS = ['entity_id1', 'entity_id2']
SEED = word word word

Where device_name is the name of your device (you can choose any name), IDS are entity ids of the data from the device (it may be one or more ids) and SEED is a mnemonic or raw seed from robonomics account to this device.

After you fill the configuration file you need to get access token from Home Assistant. For that open your profile in the lower left corner:


In the end of the page find Long-Lived Access Tokens and press create token. Save it somewhere, you will not be able to see it again.


Now run script with your token:

cd /srv/homeassistant
source bin/activate
python3 python_scripts/ --token <access_token>

And restart Home Assistant:

systemctl restart home-assistant@homeassistant.service

You can add the data from sensors to your homepage like in Home Assistant setup in the description to Method 1.

You can see the data in subscan, find your account and you will see datalog transactions. Data looks like this:


You can decrypt it with script, run it with the data from datalog:

cd /srv/homeassistant/
source bin/activate
python3 python_scripts/ <data>
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