Robonomics integration setup

After finishing with IOT subscription it's time to install Robonomics integration. This integration allows Home Assistant to record datalogs with encrypted data from Home Assistant to Robonomics Parachain and listen launch commands from this Parachain to control smart devices. Integration use IPFS to store data and send IPFS hashes to datalog or launch.


Now you can add integration to Home Assistant. In web interface go to Settings/Device & Services and press Add Integration. Find there Robonomics:

Click on it and fill the configuration. Here you need to add seed from SUB_ADMIN and public address of SUB_OWNER accounts (which you previously created). Also, you can set sending interval, by default it is 10 minutes.

Moreover, you can add your Pinata credentials. It is not necessary, if you will not do it, data will be pinned with your local node and Infura.If you add the credentials files will also be pinned on Pinata to help them spread wider over IPFS.

Fill in everything and press Submit. If is, you will see Success window. Close it.

Use DApp

Now it's time to create the first user for your Home Assistant.It shouldn't be SUB_OWNER or SUB_ADMIN accounts, because, as said earlier they provide security. Because of it, regular user shouldn't use them. Also, you can't use user, which you created af first start of Home Assistant, because this user don't have account in Robonomics Parachain.

Create an account, as we did in the previous article. Add this account to the subscription here. Now there should be three addresses in the access list - SUB_OWNER, SUB_ADMIN and user.

Then go to the Dapp service "HomeAssistant Account". Choose account, you've just created at the right sidebar(check that you have chosen the intended account by pressing the profile icon). Then enter the USER seed in the required field. In the next two raws type in SUB_OWNER and SUB_ADMIN addresses:

If everything right, you will see 3. Verification status - Verified.

Create a password for a new HA user which you have just registered. Type the passport below Your Home Assistant password and click "create password". Confirm transaction. (Later you can restore it in "restore" tab.)

It’s free now since the accounts are using RWS subscription. After the registration process, you can log in to Home Assistant with your address as login and a newly-created password. Go to login page and login:

Now you can use SmartHome Telemetry DApp to control your home through the Robonomics. Go to the article to have a try.

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