Getting Started

What is Robonomics

Robonomics platform provides tools for working with the robot economy network. Robonomics allow designers of smart cities and industry 4.0 zones to build trust among the autonomous robots services, provide direct user access via dapp for ordering products from autonomous factories and services of urban sensor networks. This in turn will allow us to put in place a decentralized system that globally monitors the activities of cyber physical systems.

The following chart describes what place Robonomics takes in the scenario:

Robonomics Network scenario

Find more in Building dApps on Robonomics deck

Robonomics Network quick start

For newcomer's convenience core Robonomics developers came up with a 6 lessons learning curve!

You'll explore the serverless IoT architecture! Robonomics Web Services (RWS) is the basic infrastructural service for Robotics and IoT on top of Polkadot && IPFS.

Course graduates can launch a local relay chain and control a ROS-compatible device through cross-chain transaction.

Join Robonomics Developers Discord to connect with community and get technical support.

Benefits for Robonomics Academy graduates

  • Intership for best students Become a Robonomics team member and contribute to the development of the chosen product.
  • Active community && regular events Become a part of the learner's community, discuss your use-cases with industry experts. Team-up and participate in hackathons!
  • Certificate of completion Add a certificate for completing the course on building DAPPs for IoT to your portfolio.
  • Assistance in admission to the ITMO university. Whether you are a bachelor or master, you'll get assistance in your admission to the university.
  • Funding && acceleration opportunities: 1)Apply for up to $50.000 Academia - support grant; 2)Participate in Robonomics builders acceleration program supported by Web3 Foundation; 3)Deploy your stand-alone DAPP on top of Robonomics; 4)Monetize it && get marketing support from Robonomics team.

What the documentation contains

I'm a Dapp developer

I'm a robotics engineer

Check out cases section and start developing by examples.

DEMO "Get Weather on Fuji Mountain" →